Customer Challenge

Buffalo Medical Group’s (BMG) legacy Building Automation System (BAS) was beginning to fail and needed an upgrade. Still, the medical facility needed to remain functional at all times without disrupting patients or staff.

Stark Tech Solution

The Integration team from Stark Tech applied its depth of industry expertise across numerous product manufacturers to customize a short-term solution that allowed the existing building automation system to remain functional until the long-term solution was integrated. In addition, our Integration team collaborated with Matt Nowakowski’s facilities management team from BMG to plan and design a system replacement that protects the existing capital investment while providing a modern, future-ready solution that reduces operating expenses.

Technology Implemented

Together our teams selected EcoStruxure, a Schneider Electric web-enabled platform that provides 24/7 insight into building operations with full connectivity, as the facility’s BAS replacement.

This technology, in addition to the expertise of the Stark Tech Integration healthcare team, provides the best overall solution for critical operations within the building. In addition, it ensures ventilation systems are operating correctly for the best indoor air quality and includes advanced reporting and alarm features. As a result, this solution will ultimately improve energy performance within the building.


Although this project began at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stark Tech Integration team could replace the existing Building Automation Control System on HVAC and power equipment. The team was also able to re-utilize most existing sensors and devices.

A new dedicated Cat-6 ethernet network was installed for the BAS. This ensures the system is operational on a future-ready network and will achieve optimal network speed. In addition, all new graphical user interfaces were engineered and developed with the client’s input from start to finish to ensure the platform was built to meet the needs and preferences of the customer.

“I am proud of the collaboration completed on this project. We not only solved the immediate issues without any disruption to our medical services, but we were able to put an infrastructure in that supports our building for years to come.” – Matt Nowakowski, Facility Services Coordinator at BMG