The City of Jamestown underwent a $1.9 million capital energy improvements project with Stark Tech’s ESCo Services team to modernize and improve its many buildings, including City Hall. The city needed to repair its critical building infrastructure to make them more resilient. With limited funds, the city worked with Stark Tech’s ESCo team to develop a multi-funded project to meet the challenge. A Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract (GESPC) was developed to leverage future energy savings to fund part of the capital project. In addition to the GESPC funds, the team used funds from a Smart City Capital Investment Program bond, the NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative program, and some of the city’s own capital budget to complete this ambitious initiative.

Scope of Work

City Hall received new high-efficiency boiler and chiller systems for indoor air quality and comfort year-round. The new boiler plant will be the primary heat source for the facility. New updated LED lighting was installed for the interior and exterior of the buildings, in addition to programmable accent lighting for the facade. Standalone high-efficiency heating plants were installed at two Public Works Department (DPW) buildings to reduce energy costs and improve resiliency. Lighting upgrades were also provided for the fire stations, DPW buildings, and Russell E. Diethrick Jr. Park.

Boiler Plant Renovation


The existing boiler plant was completely renovated as part of the $1.9M Energy Performance Project, implemented in 2020. Modernizing the boiler plant and replacing the boilers was essential in making Jamestown City Hall a resilient building.


The new boilers replaced two (2) 3,000,000 BTU boilers installed in 1969. The new design provides automatic redundancy between boilers and changeover from the existing city-wide heating system. The new boilers will be the primary heating source and provide energy improvements.

Estimated annual energy & cost savings = $20,000

New Boiler Design

  • Three (3) 2,000,000 BTU
  • Emergency power backup on boilers, pumps and controls for 24/7/365 resiliency
  • The new condensing-type boilers are capable of 90% to 99% efficiency, designed with an industry-leading 25:1 operational turndown ratio for precise control
  • Integrates with the existing Building Automation System via BACnet over IP for seamless operation, which includes lead/lag/ alternating sequencing for equal run times and automatic changeover in an emergency
  • A fully engineered modulating draft control system to ensure desired pressure ranges for increased system reliability. The stainless steel boiler breeching features an industry-leading 3-year leak free guarantee and pressure rating of 40”WC
  • Water treatment enhancements made for long-term equipment reliability
  • The Stark team provided dealer direct equipment pricing to reduce project costs