Customer Challenge

The client, a public grocery store chain with 150+ locations, needed more control and oversight of their energy budgets — the corporate tolerance for risk must be aligned with their energy procurement strategy. When the market became volatile, the grocery store chain was exposed and over budget.

Stark Tech Solution

The client needed a solution that allowed them to understand their risk exposure and budgetary implications fully. Using Stark Tech’s proprietary software, ControlFreak, Stark Tech’s Intelligence team conducted a no-cost evaluation of the customer’s building portfolio to analyze its energy consumption and uncover potential operational-related issues. This allowed them to develop a purchasing strategy that aligned the customer’s corporate goals with their energy procurement strategy.


The Stark Tech Intelligence team utilized ControlFreak to provide the grocery store chain with accurate cost projections. Therefore, the client gained control over their energy budget and cash management process and improved their asset utilization.

This client also benefits from Stark Tech’s Commodity Advisors, who consult on upcoming market changes and support procurement strategy implementation.

Stark Tech’s Commodity Advisors work with our clients to develop customized energy procurement strategies that meet their goals. They do this by managing risk exposure and capitalizing on savings opportunities. Our team implements multi-year energy strategies, quantified risk analysis, and budget stabilization to make informed decisions for our clients.

ControlFreak directly interacts with RTO/ISO and CME/NYMEX markets to provide instant access to real-time, day-ahead futures market settlements.” – Stark Tech Intelligence