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Project Overview:

In order to meet stringent indoor ice standards by the National Hockey League, U&S customized a Building Control System that coordinates each chiller unit with the HVAC system to maintain temperature and humidity of the rink at precise conditions.

A centralized building management system for mechanical and electrical systems, surveillance and security, helps optimize building performance, control costs and minimize risk.

U&S provides customized solutions using Schneider Electric building controls to monitor facilities conditions and building data from infrared ice surface temperature sensors and slab temperature sensors to automate and maintain precise ice conditions.

The sensor data helps control and detect faults within the refrigeration condensers, compressors, glycol pumps and hot-gas solenoids. In addition, the sensors measure oil temperature and pressure for early warning of impending equipment failures.

The Building Management System uses humidity data from high capacity Air Handling Units with massive desiccant wheels to ensure ambient air moisture.

Key Areas of Support

  • Centralized BMS System
  • Integrated Controls System
  • Energy Optimization with KWh metering Dehumidification controls
  • Biometric access controls
  • Digital video surveillance
  • Ice rink infrared sensor controls
  • Press box touch screen lighting controls