As we look back over the past 8 months, we’ve seen how highly-contagious viruses can change life as we know it in an instant. Coronavirus forced today’s leaders in every industry to look at their state of facilities operations and adapt in order to prevent viral spread.

Leaders from ASHRAE, the Centers for Disease Control, governmental officials, etc. had to come together to provide guidance to building owners and facilities directors on how to prepare buildings to not only re-open after months-long closings, but also how to maintain buildings going forward.

Indoor Air Quality is at the top of the list.

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and indoor air pollution is a major threat to the health and wellness of individuals. Indoor air quality is determined by the adequacy of ventilation systems, the rate of air changes per hour, temperature and humidity levels, etc.

When a facility has poor indoor air quality, a building could be classified as “sick,” meaning occupants may experience irritation, allergies, asthma, disease, including heightened risk to rapid spread of coronavirus.

Stark Tech, and its affiliates R.L. Kistler, T.P. Woodside, U&S Services, Buckpitt, MC2, and Shaw Mechanical, have partnered with Healthway to offer our customers state-of-the-art Disinfecting Filtration System technology to add new filtration capabilities that trap airborne pathogens at >99.99% efficiency.

Hundreds of schools across New York and Florida are using Healthway products as part of their indoor air quality improvement measures.