Identify a broad landscape of solutions designed to solve building, infrastructure, and business problems.

How do we do this?

Using Stark’s proprietary software, ControlFreak, Stark conducts a no-cost evaluation of a single building or multiple buildings in a portfolio.

ControlFreak digitizes utility bill data to analyze energy consumption and uncover any potential operational-related issues. Each site is benchmarked against national energy spend for buildings of similar profiles.

Building Size: 220,000 square feet
Annual Energy Spend: $729,000

Potential Savings:
$232,500 – Best Cast
$159,200 – Conservative

Energy Master Plan resulting from self-funded DiscoveryPlus audit.

Operational Inefficiencies

Immediate Solution:

  • Controls optimization
  • Process improvements

Long-term Solution & Roadmap:

  • Lighting Upgrade
  • Building Controls Upgrade