Through collaboration and innovation, Schneider Electric and Stark Tech’s company MC2 partnered together to work with Nemours from the early design stages in order to get an intimate understanding of the hospital’s needs and the unique power requirements of the advanced medical equipment. The goal of the integration was to create a world-class power system for the new hospital built in 2012.

Schneider Electric and MC2 implemented an integrated system built on the IoT-enabled EcoStruxure for Healthcare architecture and platform, enabling critical operational efficiency for the world- renowned healthcare facility, which treats pediatric patients from all over the world. Nemours is classified as a LEED® Gold facility built on a pure, continuous source of power that provides reliable, continuous electricity for the equipment to function 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.

Included in the integration are the following applications:

  • EcoStruxure Power – a three-tiered power system for operating theaters and essential medical devices; equipment power for AC, heat and less critical equipment; convenience power for lighting and amenities in non-critical locations. The system is monitored in real-time.
  • EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert and Asset Advisor – uses graphical interfaces to view status, generate reports and identify potential problems prior to impacts on safety and/or operational efficiencies.
  • Schneider Electric switchgear equipment transfers power to hospital circuits, monitors and controls power levels, and distributes energy to medical equipment, lighting and utilities.
  • Schneider Electric Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide battery backup for sophisticated critical assets.

Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando is the only pediatric health system in the nation with two freestanding children’s hospitals. It’s been rated the top children’s hospital by The Leapfrog Group in 2019 and the Guardian of Excellence award in 2015, among others. And is recognized as one of the nation’s safest pediatric hospitals.