Provide integrated serves for the program management and implementation of a $180 million, 5-year Statewide Energy Services Program. Typical Energy Services projects include, but are not limited to, mechanical / electrical-based retrofits, including building shell improvements, chiller plant retrofits, boiler plant retrofits, distributed generation, renewable energy, and other technology upgrades, such as lighting, motors, and building automation controls.

Customers eligible for this program include public companies, institutions, and government agencies. The typical project size ranges between $1 million and $15 million per assignment. The program was first won in 2005 and has been renewed four times.

Quantifies opportunities for select qualified customers and helps secure funding for the capital improvement projects through the New York State Power Authority.


  • Step 1: Analysis of site & existing conditions in order to lead the design development phase
  • Step 2: Procurement of subcontractors & equipment, working with local utility companies for rebate incentives in order to solicit competitive bids and consolidate results for recommendation
  • Sept 3: Owners agent during construction. Responsibilities include construction management, coordination of multiple contracts and contractors, along with the final commissioning of the project to ensure lasting results.


Lead project for more than 60+ customers, including universities, public schools, government agencies, power authorities, military, correctional facilities, and public companies. Total project cost $80 million to date, with customers seeing annual energy savings totaling $6 million.