Customer Profile: The Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station began operating back in 1913 and distributes 70–75 million gallons of clean water every day to homes and businesses in Buffalo, NY. However, before it reaches the pump station–which is located in Downtown Buffalo at the foot of Porter Avenue–the water needs to pass through the three-story water intake building. The water from Lake Erie is fed by gravity through a 12 ft. x 12 ft. tunnel bored beneath the lake bottom.

Customer Challenge: The Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station needed a way to transit live images taken out on the water back to the station for security and maintenance purposes.

Stark Solution: Stark Tech’s Integration team assisted with the installation of a camera, recording equipment, and transmission gear onto the roof of the Buffalo Water Intake Building which is located 6,600 feet offshore in the Emerald Channel- a region in Lake Erie near the foot of the Niagara River. This was after solar panels were installed on the roof of the building to provide the power needed to run the recording and transmission gear.

Result: The Col. Francis G. Ward Pump Station now has visibility into the water intake building and it’s surroundings.

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