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smart building technology
In the past 10 weeks, brick-and-mortar businesses transitioned to remote work environments due to government-mandated stay-at-home orders, teachers adopted virtual classroom setups, and office buildings required employees to shift to home offices if possible.

Smart building technology has been instrumental in improving building wellness and efficiency, especially during the pandemic. Industries such as healthcare, education, and manufacturing quickly adapted to remote work and virtual setups. Technology enabled remote operations, maintenance, and asset management in commercial buildings, reducing physical work orders. In the future, remote connectivity will continue to optimize system checks, limiting onsite visits. This promotes staff health and social distancing and maintains optimal infrastructure. Building automation systems, updated cleaning practices, increased ventilation, humidity control, enhanced air filtration, and modified BMS programming are key strategies to ensure occupant safety. With Stark Tech’s Facility Health and Wellness Program, buildings can reopen with intelligent solutions, prioritizing the health and safety of staff and visitors.

The Role of Smart Building Technology During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to embrace technology. Industries such as schools, universities, healthcare, and manufacturing facilities had to change operations overnight. Government-mandated stay-at-home orders transformed brick-and-mortar businesses into remote work environments. Teachers adopted virtual classroom setups, and office buildings required employees to transition to home offices. We have made significant progress. According to the Energy Efficiency Impact Report, digitalization and smart building technologies have revolutionized energy efficiency in the past 40 years. Artificial intelligence, grid edge, cloud, and internet-of-things technologies have created a connected device ecosystem that enabled overnight transitions like during COVID-19. For example, commercial buildings could utilize technology for remote maintenance and operations management during quarantine. Through remote access, operators used building management system (BMS) dashboards to identify at-risk assets using fault detection and critical alerts.

How Smart Building Technology Protects Your Investment and Health

In the future, using smart building technology will increasingly enable remote connectivity, enabling convenient system checks from a connected device. This advancement significantly reduces the need to deploy work orders requiring physical inspections to identify inefficiencies within buildings. As a result, technicians now have the flexibility to visit the site solely when there is a genuine need to address an asset physically.

Implementing smart building technology not only streamlines operations but also plays a vital role in safeguarding the well-being of staff members. By minimizing the frequency of onsite visits, organizations can effectively prioritize their employees’ health and safety while promoting social distancing practices. This approach ensures that the staff remains healthy, reducing the risk of potential illnesses and creating a more secure working environment.

Moreover, the adoption of smart building technology contributes to the maintenance of optimal systems and infrastructure within buildings. With remote connectivity, building management systems can be continuously monitored and optimized from a centralized location. This proactive approach enables prompt identification of potential issues or inefficiencies, allowing for swift and targeted interventions. Consequently, building systems’ overall functionality and efficiency are maximized, resulting in improved performance and reduced operational costs.

Smart Building Technology is a Long-term Solution

As the world gradually transitions back to regular operations, it becomes evident that remote practices facilitated by smart building technology will remain indispensable for the wellness of facilities. This technology-driven approach has proven its effectiveness, not only during challenging times but also as a long-term solution. By embracing remote connectivity and remote monitoring capabilities, organizations can ensure the longevity and sustainability of their buildings, optimizing their resources and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

In summary, the integration of smart building technology and remote connectivity offers numerous advantages. It empowers organizations to conduct system checks remotely, minimizing the need for physical work orders and onsite visits. This, in turn, preserves the health of staff members and encourages social distancing practices. Additionally, remote monitoring and optimization of building systems enable timely interventions, resulting in optimal functionality and reduced operational costs. As the world transitions to regular operations, the importance of remote practices facilitated by smart building technology remains paramount for the well-being and efficiency of facilities.


Jill Szpylman
Jill Szpylman

Jill Szpylman is the Marketing Communications Director for Stark Tech. With a demonstrated history in the clean energy space, Ms. Szpylman has a passion for technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more sustainable future. Jill is responsible for the execution of the marketing strategy, content development, and sales support collateral for all of Stark Tech and the affiliated business units.



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