OVERVIEW: The Union City Area School District in Pennsylvania was interested in contracting for a full range of energy services and energy-related improvements (Energy Conservation Measures or ECMs) for their HS/MS which is a total of 158,500 square feet including the Administration Offices. The Operational life cycle of most of the energy consuming systems as well as the windows, doors and roof have been met or exceeded since their last major renovation which took place in 1994.

SCOPE OF WORK: Stark ESCo was selected through a competitive RFP process by UCASD to conduct a Comprehensive Energy Audit (CEA) for the District. During the study, the building envelope, lighting, HVAC and central building management systems were all assessed for upgrades. Stark ESCo engineers developed a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) that when aggregated together could form the basis of an Energy Performance Contract.

Project Cost: $5.2M
Total Guaranteed Savings Amount: $1.1M
Annual Cost Savings/ Guaranteed Calculated Utility Savings per year during the “240-month guarantee term:” $55,213

RECOMMENDATIONS: The Primary ECMs that were recommended for the District for implementation were as follows:

RESULTS: The Energy Conservation Measures listed above have been implemented with the assistance of Stark ESCo to save the District approximately $55,213 annually while providing a more comfortable indoor environment for students and staff.


  1. Guaranteed annual Electrical energy usage reduction of 373,838 kWh
  2. The guaranteed annual natural gas energy usage reduction of 15,701 CCF