Stark Tech empowers the 914th Airlift Wing with energy management controls, driving facility modernization, efficiency gains, and cost reductions.

Project Overview: Modernizing the 914th Airlift Wing

The 914th Airlift Wing, a part of the US Air Force, strives to enhance Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station facilities. Stark Tech actively supports this mission, focusing on updating HVAC systems and integrating energy management controls for optimal financial savings. Recognizing the importance of regular evaluation and commissioning of Building Management System (BMS) equipment, Stark Tech provides ongoing commissioning services to boost efficiency and lower energy costs.

Stark Tech Solution: Energy Management Controls

Stark Tech delivers a comprehensive range of energy management controls tailored to the 914th Airlift Wing’s specific needs. Our solutions optimize energy efficiency and reduce costs across various areas.

Commissioning Services

Our expert team evaluates and fine-tunes HVAC and energy management systems, ensuring peak performance. By identifying areas for improvement, we enhance efficiency through targeted enhancements.

HVAC Controls

Stark Tech offers advanced HVAC controls that optimize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning operations. Precise temperature adjustments minimize energy waste while maintaining comfort.

Variable Speed Drives

Our energy management controls include variable speed drives, enabling precise motor speed control in various systems. This maximizes energy efficiency by aligning motor speeds with demand, resulting in substantial savings.

Energy Management System

Our comprehensive system integrates various components, providing a centralized platform for monitoring, controlling, and optimizing energy usage. This empowers the 914th to make informed decisions and proactively reduce energy consumption.

Results: Efficiency and Cost Savings

By partnering with Stark Tech for energy management controls, the 914th Airlift Wing achieves tangible benefits:

  1. Increased Efficiency: Our commissioning services optimize HVAC and energy management systems, reducing waste and enhancing overall performance.
  2. With Stark Tech’s comprehensive controls and optimization strategies, the 914th significantly cuts energy costs over time. We identify inefficiencies and implement targeted solutions, delivering substantial savings.
  3. Enhanced Sustainability: By actively managing energy usage and optimizing systems, the 914th contributes to a greener future. Reduced consumption benefits the environment and strengthens the base’s commitment to sustainability.

Contact Stark Tech today at (716) 693-4490 for facility modernization, improved efficiency, and energy cost reduction. Our expert team will discuss your requirements and provide tailored energy management control solutions. Let’s collaborate to build a more efficient and sustainable future.