Batter storage

Battery Energy Storage, Microgrids & Engineering Support

Battery Energy Storage Solutions for Maximum Safety, Reliability, & Optimized Performance

Battery energy storage systems play a critical role in managing and optimizing electricity with various applications, including renewable energy integration, grid stability, and backup power generation.

Stark Tech has developed advanced energy storage technologies and skidded microgrid applications that improve reliability, performance, and advance sustainability initiatives. Stark Tech’s solutions work in parallel with power generation and transmission from the electrical grid to support the unique use case requirements of the end users.

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Microgrid on a Skid

Microgrid on a Skid is a pre-engineered and purpose built to be the multi-tool of microgrid solutions, bringing unparalleled reliability and speed to value. Microgrid on a Skid is an all-in-one solution with auxiliary connections, controls and dispatch, protective relaying, battery, bi-directional inverter, switchgear, and transformer.

  • Factory integrated and tested 
  • Designed and fabricated in the United States (Buy American Compliant)
  • Virtual Power Plant enabled with 24/7 remote monitoring
  • Scalable with configurations for any application / use case
  • Compact design that fits within the size of a parking space
  • Benefits include cutting installation and engineering costs by up to 65 percent

Battery Energy Storage

Stark Tech’s battery energy storage and microgrid applications carry the highest safety of any application on the market. 

  • High thermal stability with liquid cooling; 20% less parasitic loads than air-cooled technologies.
  • Compact and robust designs to fit any application requirements. 
  • Less mechanical stresses with 10,000+ cycle life
  • Cyber secure software protection
Energy storage facility and engineer

Engineering & Support Services

Our systems are designed to easily be integrated and improve your site’s resiliency by generating sustainable power. We will work with users to implement a power quality and energy management strategies that support their energy and power goals.

  • Engineering support includes sizing, design assistance, and integration
  • Our team is comprised of commissioning and maintenance experts who specialize in battery energy storage, microgrid, and renewable energy
  • Energy Asset Monitoring Platform with 24/7 access to support
  • Factory startup and commissioning available
  • 10-year, third party warranty with standard performance guarantee.
  • Utility-hardened microgrid control and Energy Management System software
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