Remote Monitoring as a Service from Stark Tech's Command Center

Informed Recommendations to Optimize Energy Performance of Building Systems

The Command Center acts as a 24/7/365 virtual technician, monitoring enterprise facilities, detecting issues and uncovering efficiency improvement opportunities. The Stark Platform is an analytics-based solution that provides cloud-based fault detection and diagnostics, using real-time streaming data and updates for faster, smarter solutions. 

This proactive approach ensures vulnerabilities do not become system failures. We deliver proven results on energy savings, return on investment, and improved response time. Our customers realize life extension on their equipment lifespans, minimize unplanned downtime and events, and experience improved occupant comfort.

About the Stark Platform

The Stark Platform provides the service and analytics teams with the tools and information needed to understand both the dynamics and operations of each building or portfolio.

  • Cyber secure connections between assets and command center
  • Integrates with existing building management systems, enabling streamlined data transmissions
  • Schedule on-site technician availability in proximity to the location for immediate response and assistance
  • Create, view, and share your dashboard on mobile and supported web browsers. Create and subscribe to events to receive email or SMS notifications

Platform Capabilities

The Stark Platform adjusts to specific needs by understanding the building operations and offering comprehensive optimization solutions based on the unique parameters and data setpoints.

Other key advantages include:

  • Complete building insight and workforce management
  • Information on capital planning and budgeting along with operational and utility savings
  • Cloud-based fault detection and diagnostics (FDD)
  • Event reviews and escalation processes for engineering reviews
  • Work orders are reviewed and approved with the end user for dispatch and scheduling for remote or onsite remedies
Analytic software on computer with city
Building analytics software

Benefits of The Stark Platform

The Stark Platform helps focus efforts on what the building or enterprise really needs to achieve the goals and objectives set. The platform offers data-backed insight and recommendations for energy efficiency gains and how to achieve sustainability goals.

  • The platform overlays on top of the existing building management system to create a secure source of critical data to understand where inefficiencies are within your building envelope
  • Using the latest algorithms and analysis of building data, an operational profile is created to identify performance within the current sequence of operations
  • Real time and historical trending data for predictive analytics. Custom dashboards that report benchmarking data, performance, and carbon reduction insights

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