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Solar & Clean Energy Consulting for a Sustainable Future

Development of Clean Energy Projects, Including Advanced Technology Recommendations & Site Evaluation

With new technologies and market evolution, the energy sector is changing the way that power is generated, stored, and delivered. This is why keeping up with the ever-changing spectrum of solar development requires a partner that has expertise and experience.

At Stark Tech, we offer a unique set of skills and experience in clean energy consulting by serving as the owner’s engineer. We will cover all the typical elements that are needed to move a project from conception to operation. We cover a wide range of projects from building scale energy audits to utility-scale, and solar PV project implementation. 

Solar consultation

Feasibility Solar Analysis

We provide a detailed analysis that includes assessing specific projects, vetting advanced technologies, and evaluating energy resources and market outlets.

Our feasibility solar analysis includes:

  •  Owner’s goals and desired outcomes to understand the context of the project
  • Potential site location that will support the system’s viability and performance along with maintenance and installation cost
  • Solar energy equipment recommendations including PV panels, racking systems, and / or solar inverter
  • Project cost evaluation and revenue potential, including any local and federal financial incentives

Policy & Government Support

Our staff is involved at all levels of government to ensure that our clients receive a full view of the factors influencing the success of proposed policies and programs. 

  • Financial incentives to encourage facility and businesses to install solar panels for tax credits or subsidies
  • Policies that let solar energy users sell back excess electricity to the grid and lower energy prices through new metering.
  • Review policies that may require renewable energy standards that call for a portion of energy to come from a renewable source such as solar
  • Help streamline installation by assisting with government administrative barriers

Owner’s Engineering

We will act as a third-party engineer who represents the owner’s best interests to ensure that the project is being designed and constructed according to the owner’s requirements and specifications.

  • Coordinate with contractors and review all proposed engineering work to ensure the project fulfills objectives
  • Reduce or eliminate issues during design or construction
  • Collaboratively optimize all technical aspects of design with the goal of maximizing profit
  • Stakeholders can confidentially navigate the complexity of the project execution and achieve the investment objectives while minimizing risk and enhancing efficiency
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