Smart building controls

Smart Building Technologies that Modernize Infrastructure

Expert Building Management Solutions Customized to Achieve Energy, Electrification & Sustainability Goals

With a worldwide shift to digitalization and electrification through the complex IP-based internet of things (IoT),  master systems integration plays an integral role in providing actionable insights and automation protocols designed to achieve energy efficiency goals.  

Stark Tech works with building owners, operators and engineers to customize solutions that connect disparate technology systems, including building management systems, power control and monitoring, protective systems, professional audio and visual technology, and integrated renewable energy systems into a single pane of glass for seamless communication.  

Building Controls & Automation

A multi-disciplined approach for Internet of Things (IoT) smart technologies integration to collect, analyze, and manage assets across an enterprise. We offer an open integration platform with actionable insights and 24/7 service support to optimize building performance.

  • Building Management Systems
  • Customized facility dashboards
  • HVAC & smart lighting controls 
  • Master Systems Integration  
  • Energy metering, reporting, and tracking 
  • Fault detection and diagnostics 

Power Monitoring

Monitor, measure, and optimize energy consumption by aggregating data from all energy assets to gain access to real-time data with trending and historical analytics.  

  • Energy management  
  • Power quality analytics   
  • Asset management   
  • Event forensics with root cause analysis   
  • End-to-End support 

Protective Systems

Unify building security infrastructure and building management systems for faster, more efficient, and potentially life-saving decisions in the field.  

  • Access controls 
  • Intrusion detection
  • Video surveillance/CCTV  
  • Public address/intercom systems
  • Crisis management systems 
  • Fire detection and alarm 

Professional Audio / Visual

Custom professional audio and visual solutions with design support, installation, integration and lifecycle service support.

  • Video walls & digital signage  
  • Audio and video monitoring systems  
  • Networked audio and visual systems 
  • Sound masking 
  • Assisted listening  
  • Video presentation systems 

Integration Service

Our certified and trained facility management experts monitor, control, and program facilities based on the unique criteria and mission of the building. Our fully-trained staff of local technicians provide support, maintenance, troubleshooting and periodic testing to keep building systems running optimally.

  • Time and material, includes labor at preferred rates 
  • System performance services 
  • Protection and recovery services  
  • Energy optimization 
  • Resource allocation 
  • Operator training and support

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