Building Technology You Need to Plan, Prepare and Execute Your Facility with Ease

Most children are afraid of the dark. They struggle with the irrational fear that something or someone is lurking in the dark waiting for them. For a young child, what they can’t see is terrifying. At Stark Tech, we’re helping to identify threats and provide facility integration solutions to operate your facility with ease.

While most people typically outgrow this fear, it is still common to feel uneasy when in an unfamiliar or hard to navigate situation. Whether it’s entering a dark building for the first time, or being forced to make a decision based off of lackluster data, or a gut feeling, having a lack of visibility is certainly a disadvantage you’d want to avoid if possible.

Say for instance, your job is to oversee facility operations and align your building assets with your business mission. Would you feel as if you were walking around in the dark if you did not have the right tools to do your job effectively?

The ability to see the things you cannot see, like x-ray vision, isn’t just for superheroes and kid fantasies anymore. With master system integration and a single pane of glass view, managing buildings, systems, and equipment can be done with ease. Facility dashboards are designed to expose invisible threats like airborne pathogens and unveil hidden opportunities so our facility superheroes can do their jobs with their eyes wide open. Imagine having insight into your indoor air quality, occupancy count, who’s visiting your facility, and have surveillance footage, all at your fingertips, anytime and any way you need it.

Fully integrated technology can be monitored from remote and secure connections, so that you can limit your manpower onsite. Further that, when repairs are needed, your technicians are equipped with the right knowledge, tools, and parts to get the job done right the first time.

When applied properly, technology can also help identify the greatest threats to your facility and its occupants. In fact, technology sheds light on your blind spots so you can plan, prepare, and operate your facility with ease. Through data-driven insights and suggested actions you can fulfill your building’s critical mission and have visibility into how your actions impact your bottom line.

Stark Tech delivers total facilities optimization through technology, expertise, and customized service solutions to provide integrated building controls, equipment, and analytics. We are a single agent source for building automation, intelligence, and equipment offering a unique customer experience throughout the lifecycle of the building.