Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

Project Challenge

Replace seven 35-year old air handling units with two new 40,000 CFM air handling units. The existing penthouse was on the 6th floor. Roof access and lower access were not possible. The only access to the space was a round outside air intake measuring 9 feet in diameter. However, “half moon” shaped space constraints were available for egress.


Stark Tech recommended to the owner and engineered a field-built solution by Air Enterprise SiteBilt. Each piece and shipping crate was designed to fit through the half-moon opening. The Air Enterprises site supervisor guided onsite labor to erect the unit in place. Each 100% outside air unit measured 7.5’ X 35’ X 16.5 to fit exacting space constraints.

Points of Interest

  • All aluminum components and materials construction
  • Double wall 2.5” panels, structural base
  • Direct-drive plenum fans, humidifiers, heating coils, de-saturation type cooling coils, future heat recovery coil section, and discharge final filters
  • Installing mechanical contractor used I-beam/ chain fall rail system to move materials in and out of the space
  • Labor efficiency deemed optimal
  • Total construction time: <3 weeks
  • Field performance tested for quantified performance assurances
  • Designed around existing building columns and walls to enable proper maintenance