Syracuse VA Upgrades HVAC Equipment, Improves Energy Efficiency and IAQ

Customer Profile
The Veterans Affairs (VA) Syracuse Medical Center in Syracuse, New York, specializes in delivering comprehensive medical care to veterans and their families. The main campus offers a variety of primary and specialty healthcare services, including oncology, cardiology, diabetes management, mental health services, pain management, palliative care, hospice care, and more.

Customer Challenge
The Syracuse VA required the replacement of five Air Handling Units (AHU) that had reached end-of-life status with the facility. AHUs are critical  to maintaining proper ventilation for healthcare operations. AHUs directly impact indoor air quality, and control air temperature and relative humidity within the hospital’s HVAC system.

Three of the five AHUs slated for replacement were located in space-restricted penthouses, presenting significant logistical challenges. In reviewing the replacement options, the VA sought to implement a solution that was more energy efficient to help reduce energy consumption.

Stark Solution
Stark Tech, in collaboration with Air Enterprises, executed a design-build project to replace the outdated AHUs at the Syracuse VA Hospital. Our engineering team developed three custom site-built units with integrated energy recovery and fan efficiency features to replace the units in the confined penthouses. In addition, we designed a consolidated rooftop AHU to replace the hospital’s other two units, optimizing the space and energy consumption.

The new AHUs incorporate run-around coil loops to facilitate energy recovery and enhance fan efficiency, providing the VA hospital with long-term energy savings.

Project Result
The project was executed in two phases over the course of one year. The Stark Tech team successfully decommissioned the old AHUs and engineered, installed, and commissioned the new units. The new AHUs are now operational, delivering enhanced energy efficiency through heat recovery and fan modulation systems.

The upgraded AHUs contribute to maintaining a clean and healthy environment, which is critical for patient recovery and staff retention. The improved climate control ensures an enhanced patient experience  and enables healthcare providers to work in a more favorable environment.

About Air Enterprises:

Air Enterprises offers air handling solutions designed to dramatically improve the efficiency and sustainability of any facility. They specialize in solutions to meet any system design requirement or space limitation with equipment designed for high-efficiency performance and reduced maintenance.


Stark Tech is a market leading technology provider, delivering turnkey solutions with master systems integration, equipment, and service, and building analytics that drive sustainability goals and keep facilities on their mission. Stark Tech also manufacturers large, skidded equipment that decarbonizes and reduces greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy sources and by converting waste into renewable natural gas.