Wireless Technology and Communications Carrier Expands Data Center in NY

Customer Profile: Verizon Communications Inc. (Verizon) is one of the world’s leading providers of technology and communications services. Verizon has nearly 1,500 retail locations across the globe and services 150+ countries.

Customer Challenge: In order to cast a wider net of Internet Service to customers in Syracuse, NY, Verizon had to extend its fiber optics solution, Fios, to more than 1,500 unserved locations in Onondaga County. The data center located in Syracuse, NY required additional equipment to support the expanded service capacities in the area. However, the added support equipment ultimately exceeded the maximum load of the facility’s current system. As a result, Verizon required the construction of an additional data center area within the existing Syracuse facility to process, store, and communicate the increased data.

Data centers are large energy consumers due to the cooling strategies that must be implemented to safely run them 24/7/365. Because the new data center required 1800 kw worth of cooling, the customer needed an energy-efficient way to cool the equipment without consuming an excess amount of energy.

Stark Solution: Stark Tech’s team provided the facility with five (5) highly efficient Vertiv DP 400 (400kw) air handling units to cool the data center. The units are placed outside of the building on a slab and feed an under-the-floor plenum to the entire room. This solution is highly energy efficient with Power Usage Effectiveness (PUEs) under 1.20 and has a low total cost of ownership.

In addition, we provided four (4) Vertiv DAO50 (50kw) units to cool the battery room serving the new data center. This solution, the industry’s first pumped refrigerant economization system designed specifically for data centers, provides up to 50% higher efficiency than traditional systems. Its advanced controls automate economization to get the most free cooling in any environment.

Project Result: The project took roughly 1.5 years to complete due to delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team collaborated with Vertiv’s team to start up the new style units (DP400), with load banks and programing for optimizing efficiencies.

The cooling units are up and running successfully. The DP 400 unit’s flexibility allows Verizon to build out the data center and increase cooling to the space as needed until the space is at full capacity.

About Vertiv
Vertiv is a leading global critical digital infrastructure provider for small-medium and enterprise level businesses. The company’s products for critical infrastructure power, cooling, and management are designed to help customers reduce energy usage, water, and space.