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Microgrid Solutions with Electric School Buses and EV Charging
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How the Clean Bus School Program Impacts School Districts

The EPA’s Clean School Bus Program urges U.S. school districts to switch to electric buses with $5B funding. Diesel bus pollution harms kids’ health. 5,600 electric buses added, driven by state commitments. The transition needs EV charging, grid modernization, and battery storage for stable power and revenue.

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Stark Tech has partnered with PURO UV Disinfection Lighting to offer our customers technology that disinfects surfaces and air.
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Stark Tech Partners with PURO Lighting

Stark Tech has partnered with PURO UV Disinfection Lighting to offer our customers in the Metro NY area an array of proven and powerful UV light technology that disinfects both surfaces and the air effective up to 99.9%. PURO Lighting is a high-tech, design, and innovation company that focuses on using UV light to make spaces safer and healthier.

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Stark Tech specializes in healthcare facilities management responsible for the health and safety of patients for the duration of their stay.
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Healthcare Facility Emergency Power Requirements

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are responsible for the health and safety of patients for the duration of their stay. Patients rely on doctors and nursing staff for quality care, while hospital staff rely on systems, equipment, and communication protocols to deliver a positive patient experience. In today’s world of advancing technologies, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and ventilation and filtration systems designed to prevent infection and airborne viral spread, everything relies on quality power and resilient electricity to operate efficiently, from critical procedural room equipment down to the elevators and doors.

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NYS Clean Green School Initiative
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What is the NYS Clean Green School Initiative?

In September 2021, New York State launched The Clean Green Initiative to help P-12 public school districts invest in infrastructure improvements to become healthier, more productive learning environments.  High-Needs facilities are designated by the NYS Education Department as districts that lack the financial means for necessary infrastructure improvements to address energy optimization, decarbonization, indoor air quality (IAQ), and other clean-energy opportunities.

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