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We are the sole-source product and service representative of Vertiv Critical Infrastructure Solutions in New York and Vermont. We are the only factory-certified HVAC Service Provider, offering startup, commissioning, and 24/7 support services for your data center needs.

Critical Power
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Reliable and efficient products, including Uninterruptible Power Supplies, DC Power Systems, Power Distribution, Static Transfer Switches, Switchgear, Busway and Busduct.
Thermal Management
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High performance solutions for reliable and cost-effective heat management, including heat rejection units, high density, outdoor packaged systems, room and rack cooling, controls, and monitoring.
Racks and Enclosures
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Integrated solutions, including prefabricated rack, row, aisle, and modular data centers that are built in with flexible designs based on proven configurations.
Support Services
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From engineering, on-site project management, installation and commissioning to energy monitoring and management, we offer an array of services to support critical infrastructure needs.

The Critical Infrastructure in Data Centers is the Backbone of Digital Operations

Our award-winning service techs can guide data center administrators through long-term cost reduction strategies to create a custom solution for achieving long-term sustainability.
Specific to our Florida market, we offer mechanical and electrical solutions to owners delivering world-class HVAC system maintenance, service, and installation services. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive client services from existing buildings to test & balance new construction.

The critical infrastructure of data centers is the backbone of modern digital operations and services. Data centers are specialized facilities designed to house and manage servers that compute and store data. The requirements for the critical infrastructure of data centers are reliability, availability, and cyber security. If one or more of these requirements are lacking, businesses, organizations, and even governments are at high risk for vulnerabilities.

Here’s why critical infrastructure in data centers is important:

Reliability and Availability

Data centers are responsible for hosting and delivering various digital services, such as websites, applications, cloud services, and storing confidential information. Critical infrastructure, including redundant power supplies, backup generators, and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ensure continuous and reliable operation even in the face of power outages or equipment failures. This high level of reliability is essential to preventing downtime.

Data Storage and Processing

Data centers store and process vast amounts of digital information, including personal, sensitive, and critical data. Robust infrastructure, including high-performance servers, storage arrays, and advanced cooling systems, is necessary to ensure that data is stored securely and processed efficiently. This infrastructure also enables quick access to data, which is essential for real-time applications and analytics.

Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow, they may need to add more servers, storage, and networking resources. Therefore, critical infrastructure in data centers must also be future-proofed to allow for rapid scalability. Scalability ensures that the infrastructure can accommodate changing workloads and demands without compromising performance or reliability.

Security and Compliance

Because data centers store sensitive and confidential information, robust security measures should be baked into the design, controls, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and building management system. These assets should uphold the highest cyber security standards to safeguard data from unauthorized access, cyberattacks, and other security threats. Meeting industry-specific compliance and regulatory requirements is also crucial for data centers.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Data centers are high energy consumers because of the high-powered equipment they house. Critical infrastructure components, such as advanced cooling systems, optimized power distribution, and energy-efficient hardware, contribute to reducing energy consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of data center operations. These efforts are essential to meet sustainability and energy efficiency goals.

In summary, critical infrastructure in data centers is important because it ensures the reliable, secure, and efficient operation of digital services, data storage, and processing. It also enables businesses, organizations, and governments can continuously deliver essential services, protect sensitive information, and adapt to changing demands while maintaining high levels of availability and performance.

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We are the sole-source product and service representative of Vertiv Critical Infrastructure Solutions in New York. We are the only factory-certified HVAC Service Provider, offering startup, commissioning, and 24/7 support services for your data center needs.

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End-to-End support from concept and design through project management & commissioning to scope and budget.

building technologies

Our building technologies service can unlock untapped savings by controlling & managing your energy use.

Facilities EQUIPMENT

Stark Tech offers a range of mechanical and electrical infrastructure solutions to optimize facility optimization.

Renewable Integrations

Clean-tech solutions, including solar development consulting, energy master planning,  and implementation.


Battery energy storage systems and engineering support for large-scale deployments and microgrid applications.


Our experts can help improve the productivity and well-being of your building occupants with quality air.


Our service team will provide your facility with utilities, maintenance, and security support for optimal comfort.


Our clients recognize and value our distinctive and validated approach. No other organization matches our combination of building and energy systems expertise, analytics platform, engineering, & IT network professionals.  

In a quick 16-week turnaround, Stark Tech was able to install dehumidifiers to maintain tight humidity control in order to achieve the cleanroom conditions needed to convert the 306,000 sq. ft. warehouse into a mass production site.


Critical Power and
Cleanroom Standards


In a green architecture design, Stark Tech incorporated a vegetated lower roof and photovoltaic collector on the upper roof with integrated temperature and lighting controls to maintain parameters that save energy and cost.


Protective Systems and
Master Systems Integration


The project is a 350 scfm waste water treatment plant. “The ability to capture biogas from our sewage (and transform it into RNG) is the type of innovative project that will help us reach our renewable energy goals sooner rather than later. 


Design and Fabrication
of an RNG Skid System


data center optimization and sustainability efforts

Data center operators are working to advance sustainability in their industry by optimizing facilities to drive down costs and energy consumption by partnering with energy performance specialists.


The sustainable data center market is expected to grow  7.5% annually from $36 billion to $55 billion by 2027.


Estimates suggest that data centers account for up to 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


Approximately 40% of a data center’s energy use results from 24/7 cooling in a temperature-controlled environment.


Advanced chiller equipment can be optimized to reduce average annual electricity consumption by 35%.

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