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How We Support Land Developers Goal to Achieve a Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity Sector by 2035 and Net-Zero Emissions by 2050.


Our renewable energy solutions can prepare your organization and help navigate the challenges of building optimization while reaching your sustainability goals and saving money.

Turnkey Project Management

Turnkey Project Management

End-to-End support from concept and design through project management & commissioning to scope and budget.


Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems and engineering support for large-scale deployments and microgrid applications.

RNG & Compression 

Renewable Natural Gas

High-quality skid systems with engineering for compressed air, liquid applications, landfill, biogas & wastewater.

Renewable Integrations

Renewable Integrations

Clean-tech solutions, including solar development, energy master planning, consulting, and implementation.

your single-source partner for net-zero development

Stark Tech partners with developers to take advantage of the current momentum in the renewables sector and prepare for a competitive era of development and energy independence.
Stark Tech is a market-leading clean-tech integrator with a mission to drive positive change through digital and energy technologies. With core expertise in building services and renewable energy production, we specialize in creating customized solutions that align energy efficiency and sustainability goals with the suitable building management systems and equipment.

The world of renewables is increasingly interconnected, with companies and investors looking to capitalize on the global potential of renewable energy. As the demand for renewable energy grows, developers are moving into new markets more quickly. This is helping to drive down costs and increase access to renewable energy worldwide. At the same time, technological advances are making it easier to share data and resources across borders. This means that companies and investors can more easily collaborate on projects in different countries, making it easier to scale renewables quickly. In addition, the internet has made it easier for people and businesses to communicate, collaborate, and access global resources. All of this is helping to make our world smaller and the need for renewables bigger.

Stark Tech is a single-source provider for both energy efficiency and resilience. We provide solutions that help developers create a beneficial investment and navigate the obstacles and opportunities of energy efficiency and resilience. Our expert team has a wealth of experience in the industry, and we are committed to helping our clients create successful projects. We provide various services and solutions, including energy audits, finance and procurement, and commissioning. We also offer energy efficiency incentives and storage solutions to achieve the highest energy efficiency and resilience possible. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers succeed.

The renewables sector is at an exciting yet challenging crossroads. Now is the time for developers to partner with Stark Tech to leverage this momentum and prepare their organizations for an era of energy independence during a fierce competition for land.


Our clients recognize and value our distinctive and validated approach. No other organization matches our combination of building and energy systems expertise, analytics platform, engineering, & IT network professionals.  

In a quick 16-week turnaround, Stark Tech was able to install dehumidifiers to maintain tight humidity control in order to achieve the cleanroom conditions needed to convert the 306,000 sq. ft. warehouse into a mass production site.


Critical Power and
Cleanroom Standards


In a green architecture design, Stark Tech incorporated a vegetated lower roof and photovoltaic collector on the upper roof with integrated temperature and lighting controls to maintain parameters that save energy and cost.


Protective Systems and
Master Systems Integration


The project is a 350 scfm waste water treatment plant. “The ability to capture biogas from our sewage (and transform it into RNG) is the type of innovative project that will help us reach our renewable energy goals sooner rather than later. 


Design and Fabrication
of an RNG Skid System



Stark Tech is at the forefront of sustainable development. We want to help you take advantage of the current momentum in renewables and prepare for an era of competitive energy independence.


The percentage of land in the United States potentially suitable for onshore windfarms.


Tennessee witnessed 92% growth in solar installations during the first quarter of 2022.


The percentage of all new electricity generating capacity added to the United States electrical grid in 2022.


The percentage of renewable capacity that is expected to grow in 2023, just 2% more than 2022.

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Stark Tech is a market leading turnkey provider with core expertise in building services and renewable technology applications. We specialize in creating customized integrated solutions that align energy efficiency and sustainability goals with the right technology and equipment.
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