Erie County has a smart building integration initiative for an integrated network of systems across Erie County municipality buildings. The project implemented a centralized monitoring system and building management software to control costs, reduce energy spend, and improve safety. Advanced customization protocols were implemented for individual personnel profiles used with TSA  reporting requirements on the Security Threat Assessment Reports.


U&S Services provided integrated services for energy management, including temperature, HVAC controls, humidity and lighting controls. In addition, U&S Services provided advanced technology that’s highly adaptable for integrated systems, including security, digital video surveillance and fire alarm protective systems.

Perimeter and interior building video surveillance systems are monitored at two command centers with visual and alarm control for every facility in the system. Access controls protect employee entrances, loading docks, parking gates and garages, elevators, duress, and authorized personnel areas secure sensitive areas of each building while also affording access to public areas.

State-of-the-art addressable and networked fire alarm systems protect physical assets and occupants alike.


  • Integrated HVAC systems
  • Lighting Controls
  • Fire Life Safety Controls
  • Access Controls
  • Digital Video Surveillance controls & storage

Buildings in the system include but are not limited to:

Edward Rath Building Old County Hall Erie County Courts
Family Courts Weights & Measures Holding Center
Public Safety Fire Training Academy Sheriff’s Office