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K-12 School District Redesigns Outdated Natatorium

Case Study: K-12 School District Redesigns Outdated Natatorium

Industry: K-12 Education

Customer Profile: Harbor Creek School District, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, is a public K-12 school district comprised of a senior high school, a junior high school, and three elementary schools. The district currently sponsors 17 varsity level sports teams including swimming and diving.

Challenge: Harbor Creek Senior High School’s existing natatorium consisted of two separate pools – a lane pool and a dive pool. The district discovered the pool system equipment was corroded which was causing leaks and equipment failures. As a result, they found significant water wasted with a potential for chemicals to leak into the air from evaporation. The boiler system was outdated and no longer adequate for the space. In addition, the locker rooms and lighting systems were outdated and not up to code for ADA compliance.

The outdated systems were no longer cost-effective for the school district. Energy saving upgrades were necessary to get the pool up to code for the next competitive swimming season.

Stark Tech Solution: The district required a complete natatorium redesign. Stark Tech offered the customer a turnkey solution that delivered on energy efficiency goals and provided a $690,000 20-year savings guarantee. Our team selected and installed corrosion-resistant boiler room equipment that will effectively reduce maintenance time and costs. The space now utilizes Advanced Thermal Hydronics KN Series boilers which are specifically engineered for energy efficiency, durability, and environmental sustainability.

An addition was built next to the natatorium to house the updated filtration system for the pool which was originally in the basement of the building. The new location of the system will improve ventilation and reduce the risk of future corrosion. Innovent Roof Top Units (RTUs) were also installed to improve indoor air quality through proper ventilation, increase humidity control, and reduce energy use. The RTUs integrate seamlessly with the facility’s Schneider Electric building management system. This will increase visibility of equipment operations and improve control of the space. Our team also removed the bulky ductwork in the ceiling and replaced it with a duct sock that matched the school’s colors for an updated aesthetic.

Wilkins Fire Alarm systems were integrated into the natatorium to improve fire and life safety support.  Upgraded LED lighting and fixtures were placed inside the restrooms and locker rooms to meet ADA requirements. ADA compliant drinking fountains, shower, and bathroom stalls were added as well.

Finally, a brand-new Colorado Time Systems Championship Start System was integrated into the pool area for an improved swimmer and spectator experience. The system features external and underwater speakers, relay judging platform speedlights, wired microphone options, external 360-degree strobe lights, and LED low battery indicator lights.

Project Result: The school district’s brand-new natatorium is up to code and ready to be utilized for competitive swimming. The facility now meets all ADA standards and requirements. The energy efficient equipment installed will save the school district maintenance time and costs now and into the future.

Project Cost = $11,700,000

20-Year Savings Guarantee: $690,000

Equipment Installed:

  • Advanced Thermal Hydronic KN Series Boilers
  • Solera LED Lighting
  • Wilkins Fire Alarms
  • Innovent RTUs
  • Peerless G200 Windows
  • Colorado Time Systems Championship Start System
  • ACID-Rite 450 Water Compact PH Adjustment System
  • Chemtrol PC2100 Programmable Controller with Chlorine Sensor

Project Photos:

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Jill Szpylman
Jill Szpylman

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