The greenest energy is the energy not used

A Single-Source Provider of Upgrading Solutions for RNG Plants

Helping operators achieve the highest uptime and minimize operating costs with RNG compression skid packages that enable high methane recovery, high nitrogen removal, and higher turndown and operational flexibility.
Landfill Operations
Complete landfill renewable natural gas or RNG plants with flowrates of 1000 SCFM to 9000 SCFM.
Agricultural & Food Waste
Complete biogas plant and upgrading equipment with flowrates of 500 SCFM to 4000 SCFM.
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Complete plant solutions and upgrading equipment options with flowrates of 300 SCFM to 4000 SCFM.
Compression Skids
Complete packaged skid systems to serve RNG, from the vacuums, and blowers to complete cooling systems.

Turning Dirty Gas into Clean, Green Renewable Natural Gas

Renewable Natural Gas helps reduce greenhouse gases by capturing carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. It also prevents fossil fuels from being extracted from the earth.

Stark Tech is a market leading clean-tech integrator with a mission to drive positive change through digital and energy technologies. With a core expertise in building services and renewable energy production, we specialize in creating customized solutions that align energy efficiency and sustainability goals with the right building management systems and equipment.
Upgrading projects to renewable natural gas, also known as RNG, adds economic value and aids in carbon offset from your site by reducing methane entering the atmosphere. Methane is 30 times more damaging than carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Switching to RNG also helps your facility or community more efficiently manage waste and process the methane into renewable natural gas to be used for fuel and other sources of energy. Engineers can synthesize RNG from most biomasses, including compost, waste material from food or feed, or the parts of plants not used for human or animal consumption. This helps alleviate waste buildup at landfills and agricultural sites while also providing a good use for surplus material to reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, domestically produced renewable natural gas requires less transportation and storage, further reducing both the environmental and economic impact of generating renewable energy. The process of converting raw biogas or landfill gas into clean, green, renewable natural gas is complex. Each component needs to be handled and treated differently, with operating processes that remove impurities. Stark Tech’s integrated Renewable Natural Gas solutions do just that. We deliver scalable, turnkey RNG plants that handle and treat the most common and most difficult components, creating renewable natural gas that meets the highest pipeline quality standards.


Our services and engineering support capabilities can be provided separately or combined for an integrated solution that delivers the results needed to achieve your optimization goals and objectives.

Turnkey Project Management

Turnkey Project Management

End-to-End support from concept and design through project management & commissioning to scope and budget.

Renewable Integrations

Renewable Integrations

Clean-tech solutions, including solar development, energy master planning, consulting, and implementation.


Building Intelligence

Command center live monitoring, strategic action and service that minimize operational disruptions and optimize performance.

RNG & Compression

Renewable Natural Gas

High quality blower, compressor and pump systems with aftermarket services for air / gas systems and fluid processing.

bUILDING Equipment

Building Equipment

Engineered solutions for HVAC, critical power, thermal applications to control temperature, humidity & IAQ.

Parts & Service

Parts and Service

Factory-trained & certified OEM service provider, including start-up, configuration & inspection qualification. 


Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems and engineering support for large-scale deployments and microgrid applications.

building technologies

Energy Management

Our building technologies service can unlock untapped savings by controlling & managing your energy use.


Our clients recognize and value our distinctive and validated approach. No other organization matches our combination of building and energy systems expertise, analytics platform, engineering, & IT network professionals.  

In a quick 16-week turnaround, Stark Tech was able to install dehumidifiers to maintain tight humidity control in order to achieve the cleanroom conditions needed to convert the 306,000 sq. ft. warehouse into a mass production site.


Critical Power and
Cleanroom Standards


In a green architecture design, Stark Tech incorporated a vegetated lower roof and photovoltaic collector on the upper roof with integrated temperature and lighting controls to maintain parameters that save energy and cost.


Protective Systems and
Master Systems Integration


The project is a 350 scfm waste water treatment plant. “The ability to capture biogas from our sewage (and transform it into RNG) is the type of innovative project that will help us reach our renewable energy goals sooner rather than later.” 


Design and Fabrication
of an RNG Skid System



Stark Tech has a long history of renewable energy and facilities management. Our unique six-step process accounts for all phases of development & commissioning processes.  

Six Step Approach
  1. Customer Requirements & Evaluation;
  2. Project design and engineering based on life-cycle modeling and forecasting;
  3. Evaluation, selection, and coordination of project vendors and sub-contractors;
  4. Project permitting and jurisdictional post-installation inspection;
  5. Project Implementation & Construction Management;
  6. Final system commissioning and benchmarking.