Customer Profile

Schluter Systems is a leading provider of tile installation systems headquartered in Plattsburgh, NY. The family-owned group of companies was established in 1966 and now has over 40 product lines that are promoted in countries around the world.


The customer was experiencing high heat and humidity levels inside one of their product warehouses. The company needed the space to be properly conditioned to produce a product called Thinset, an adhesive used to install tile over cement/fiber boards, throughout the summer months.

Stark Tech Solution

Our Stark Tech Equipment team provided the company with Polygon rental HVAC equipment. Our team designed, implemented, and installed the equipment in under one week’s time, allowing the customer to continue to produce Thinset during the high heat/humidity months.


The HVAC equipment is still in use and maintaining the space. The solution provided enabled the company to continue operations and experience zero downtime with the utilization of the equipment and service provided by the Stark Tech Equipment team.

Stark Tech Equipment provides engineered solutions for controlling the temperature, humidity, and air quality of any commercial or industrial space.

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