Leader in Stark Tech Appointed to ASHRAE Strategic Advisory Panel

Weidert Brings Indoor Air Quality Expertise to Team

Rochester, NY – Andrew Weidert, Sr. Vice President of Integrated Solutions, at Stark Tech® has been appointed to the Global American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Panel.

Andrew Weidert is a senior vice president at Stark Tech.
Andrew Weidert, Sr. Vice President of Integrated Solutions

Weidert gained notoriety within the ASHRAE community following his microenvironment fan filtering design he led and developed in conjunction with Stark Tech and Healthway®. The proprietary system addresses indoor air quality concerns related to the spread of Covid-19 and other airborne contaminants. The unique approach uses patented technology that decouples HVAC from the filtration system to sweep and clean the environment using a cleanroom design that draws less than 2 amps of power, making it an energy efficient and cost-effective solution for all industries.

The strategic advisory panel meets quarterly to consider topics that increase ASHRAE’s worldwide relevance and influence in the building industry. As part of his duties on the ASHRAE panel, Weidert will work with his peers to drive membership growth by improving the Member Value Proposition. This includes attracting engineers to the industry and provide market perspectives, education, and guidance within each member’s area of expertise.

Beyond Indoor Air Quality, Weidert brings more than 20 years of experience and knowledge in energy efficiency, decarbonization, and electrification to the ASHRAE Panel. A key member of the Stark Tech’s leadership team, Weidert has been a champion in successfully building and executing turnkey projects through customized integrated solutions that meet the sustainability goals of national and regional clients.

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About Stark Tech:

Stark Tech, headquartered in Buffalo NY, has been helping commercial and industrial building owners nationally achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals since 2013. Stark Tech is a single-source agent, providing turnkey solutions with products and services, including master systems integration, building intelligence & analytics, mechanical & electrical equipment, battery energy storage and renewable natural gas equipment.

Stark Tech serves customers across North America by delivering integrated solutions that help customers achieve their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals and missions. Visit starktech.com for more information and follow us on LinkedIn. Stark Tech’s capabilities and expertise in innovative green technology solutions help customers overcome skilled trade shortages, provide the necessary technology to aid in grid infrastructure modernization, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and measure and report on the successes and shortcomings of investments made by the end user.