Stark Tech Acquires Antares Group to Expand Renewables Capabilities

Stark Tech™ has recently acquired Virginia-based Antares Group, Inc., a clean-tech renewable energy management company, bringing expertise in solar, wind, geothermal, biopower, and biofuel applications. Stark Tech has been seeking to expand capabilities to add renewable solutions and clean-tech integration into their business model to strengthen their position in the market as a one-stop shop solutions provider. With growing government incentives and mandates on building owners to integrate clean technologies and offset carbon footprints, this acquisition will enable Stark Tech the ability to offer the commercial and industrial industry solutions for renewables integration that help accomplish sustainability goals. Antares serves as the owner’s engineer on energy projects, including policy support and feasibility analysis that vet advanced technologies and evaluate energy resources and market outlets for private and government-sector clients throughout North America. Antares also offers project management and development for all stages of a renewable energy project. Principals Chris Lindsey and Kevin Comer will be staying on as senior management, providing day-to-day operational insight. They will work with Stark Tech’s Leadership Team to identify business development opportunities. Antares will be a part of Stark Tech’s growing renewables investment portfolio. Learn more about Antares.
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