Stark Tech Evaluates, Develops Solar Roadmap in New York State

Stark Tech’s clean-tech solutions and project management team works with federal and state agencies to plan solar development projects that advance clean energy goals and reduce future municipality costs. New York State, for example, has an initiative called Clean Path New York, which is focused on solving complex challenges that meet New York State’s ambitious climate goals. New York State’s Solar Guidebook, developed by NYSERDA, can be used by municipalities to seek solar energy developers that wish to lease land, install, own, operate and maintain solar photovoltaic energy systems. Stark Tech’s team has developed a suite of site identification/qualification tools that have been used to assist private and public sector clients to evaluate potential solar projects across areas as large as an entire state. The technology has been deployed in multiple regions throughout New York, Virginia and elsewhere. The result of the analysis is a project development funnel that is more likely to lead to project sites suitable for development than can be obtained by using more traditional strategies. From there, Stark Tech’s solar development team has demonstrated capabilities in providing a host of supporting services ranging from owner’s engineer, to construction management, asset management and operations/maintenance. “We have found that working with our project partners, including state and federal agencies, we can create roadmaps for future project development efforts that will ultimately save on siting costs  and ensure the efficacy of future solar power integrations,” said Rob Moyer, Executive Vice President of Stark Tech’s Integrated Solutions Team. “The more effectively we can qualify projects on the front end , the greater success that project owners and developers will have constructing and maintaining their solar power assets.” As a company that specializes in clean technology integration, Stark Tech works with developers to optimize the deployment of existing and emergent clean energy technologies in the marketplace.