Stark Tech Expands Board of Directors with Mergers and Acquisitions Expert

Buffalo, NY – Stark Tech, a facility and energy optimization leader, has recently expanded its board of directors. Those additions include Paul DellaNeve, Vice President of Corporate Development for Moog Inc., as Mergers and Acquisitions Expert.

Paul joins the board to bring outside expertise and leadership in streamlining new mergers and acquisitions processes. He is a key player in Moog’s success as a $2.9B public company. Paul established Moog’s Corporate Development function that moved away from ad hoc acquisition methods to a better-focused set of M&A processes, expanding M&A beyond acquisitions to include partnerships and encourage collaboration.

“Paul’s experience in mergers and acquisitions, and process standards will be incredibly helpful as we develop our own standards and processes as we grow through mergers and acquisitions,” said Tim Geiger, President of Stark Tech. “With each acquisition, we do it a little better, but under Paul’s guidance, we can create a process that brings new companies into the Stark family and build on the excitement of joining our great company and the amazing talent that we have in-house. We’re stronger together and want to ensure each new team gets onboarded the right way from day one.”

Stark Tech offers turnkey solutions to the building services and renewables industries. This year, Stark’s board expanded its capabilities to include clean-tech solutions in response to new regulatory guidelines and government incentives pushing renewable integration. Stark Tech implements solutions that help stabilize the power grid so the lights “stay on” when the power goes out. 


Jill Szpylman
Jill Szpylman

Jill Szpylman is the Marketing Communications Director for Stark Tech. With a demonstrated history in the clean energy space, Ms. Szpylman has a passion for technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more sustainable future. Jill is responsible for the execution of the marketing strategy, content development, and sales support collateral for all of Stark Tech and the affiliated business units.



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