Decarbonizing Healthcare: New York State and Federal Programs and Initiatives

Hospitals, medical clinics, and other healthcare institutions are essential for maintaining and improving public health and safety. However, their operations come at a significant cost to the environment. Healthcare facilities consume close to 10% of the total energy used in U.S. commercial buildings, according to Practice Greenhealth, a leading membership and networking organization for sustainable healthcare. […]

Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities in The Healthcare Space

Outside of commercial building with windows

Technology in the healthcare industry is rapidly advancing each day with groundbreaking digital technologies that improve the way healthcare professionals communicate with, monitor, and treat patients. Amid a global pandemic, technology acted as a bridge between doctor and patient through remote patient monitoring and telehealth services, completely changing the standard of patient care today. However, […]

Power Quality and Monitoring in Healthcare

Hospital power and lighting

Hospital patients rely on experienced doctors and advancements in science and technology for quality care and a positive patient experience. Standard building systems, like lighting, heating and cooling, and security within the hospital are basic features that can impact a patient’s stay. More advanced and complex systems are required to support the patient’s diagnostic and […]

Healthcare Facility Emergency Power Requirements

Surgery doctors

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are responsible for the health and safety of patients for the duration of their stay. Patients rely on doctors and nursing staff for quality care, while hospital staff rely on systems, equipment, and communication protocols to deliver a positive patient experience. In today’s world of advancing technologies, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and […]