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Custom Compression Solutions & Services for Industrial Processes

Premier Supplier of Top-of-the-Line Pumps, Blowers, & Compression Equipment

We understand the importance of providing precise, reliable, customer-oriented solutions that work within existing and new infrastructure to support the chemical processing of industrial applications. 

We provide pumps and related equipment, compression skids, and aftermarket parts and service for customers  in the manufacturing, industrial, and chemical disposal sectors. With more than 60 years of experience in the field, our team of engineers work closely with our customers to ensure a full understanding of the chemical application and customize solutions based on the client’s pressures and flows requirements. 

Facilities Management by Stark Tech
Stark Tech Skid Systems Compression & Boigas Skid Systems
Delta P Carver
Delta P Carver Booster Pump Skid Systems
Siemens Steam Turbines & Small Steam Packages
Roots Blowers
PCM Progressing Cavity Pumps
General Pump
General Pump Piston High Pressure Pump
Vogelsang Rubber Lined Lobe, Shredder, Macerator, Hopper Feed Pumps
Neptune Chemical Feed & Injection Type Pumps
Tuthill Gear Pump
Crane Lift Stations, Grinder, Effluent, Chopper Pumps
MTH Pumps
MTH Pumps Regenerative Turbine Pumps
Iwaki America
Iwaki America Centrifugal Lined ANSI Mag Drive
Dickow Pumpen
Dickow Pumpen AGI Mag-Drive Pumps
Cornell Food Processing, Refrigeration, Self-Priming, Process Pumps
Barmesa Pumps
Barmesa Pumps Submersible, Self-Priming, Stainless Steel End-Suction Pumps
Verder Passion for Pumps
Verder Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps
Vertiflo Pump Company
Vertiflo Vertical Sump & Process Pumps
National Pump Company
National Pump Company Vertical Turbine, Barrel, API & Submersible, Turbine Pumps
Fybroc Pumps
Fybroc Fiberglass ANSI, Mag Drive, VTP, & Vertical Sump Pumps
Griswold Pumps
Griswold Centrifugal, ANSI Pumps
Carver Pump
Carver Multi-Stage, Process, API Pumps

Service & Support

We provide high quality blower, compressor and pump systems. In addition to supplying quality products, we offer aftermarket services for air / gas compression equipment, fluid processing, and skid packaged systems. 

For service call 1-888-452-8237

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Facilities Management by Stark Tech

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