The client has 500+ industrial and retail locations. The client lacked visibility into their waste expenses. The waste invoices were not audited and not managed. A lack of benchmarking data crippled their ability to negotiate when it came time to renew contracts. Another challenge was there was no tracking system in place for container sizes, pickups and recycling, and landfill diversion efforts.

Stark’s intelligence software ControlFreak, a utility bill management software system, implemented a solution to streamline payment process for all waste invoices. In addition provides transparency to waste volumes, containers, pickups and expenses. The proprietary automation platform captured data and built a historical catalog for current accounts.

Within the first three months, the client realized more than $25,000 of annual savings were recovered. The client was able to redirect several members of their internal staff from paying waste invoices to improve sourcing of waste contracts by leveraging the analytics during vendor bidding. The solution had a total Return on Investment of less than seven months.