Stark Tech Expands Capabilities as Clean-Tech Provider

New capabilities offer additional Operational & Energy Efficiencies to Customers

Stark Tech™ is expanding its core integrated solutions offerings, of master systems integration, equipment, and intelligence, to now include renewables solutions that propel Stark as a clean-tech turnkey provider.

Stark Tech has acquired, Glauber Equipment Corporation headquartered in Lancaster, NY. Glauber Equipment offers gas compression and blower skids, biogas skids and pumps for large scale industrial and renewables applications, including a growing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) market. Stark RNG supplies football-field-sized turnkey plants used to transform methane gas collected from landfills and biogas sites into renewable natural gas, a green energy source.

The RNG market, according to Business Research Insights, is estimated to be worth $8 billion in 2022 globally and the market is projected to touch $72.13 billion by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 44 percent during the forecasted period.

Stark Tech’s renewable natural gas business will operate as Stark RNG, LLC, and Glauber Equipment will now operate as Stark Compression, LLC. Both will be led by Executive Vice President Craig Aszkler, formerly the President and Managing Director of Demag Crane and Components Corp Inc. Stark RNG & Compression currently have provided the skid based installation producing RNG over 8 Million MMBTU/year and is rapidly growing with plants located across North America.

“As an early supplier of the RNG market, we’re aggressively investing in and expanding our resources to be able to effectively support increased customer demand across this growing market.”

– Craig Aszkler, Executive Vice President

Stark Tech made the decision to enter the renewables space as market trends and regulatory changes place new pressures on building owners to adopt sustainability initiatives, including investments in green technology applications.  The United States Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act this past weekend, which will allocate billions of dollars to clean energy sources to help speed the U.S. transition away from fossil fuels.

“This is an exciting time for Stark Tech as we grow our business and expand our abilities to provide operational and energy efficiencies to our customers. As we expand our capabilities into the renewables market, we advance our abilities to help solve energy transmission issues that occur from the electrification movement and help our customers decrease their dependency on fossil fuels.”

– Tim Geiger, President of Stark Tech

These strategic initiatives will enhance Stark Tech’s renewables capabilities, which also include energy management & turnkey engineering by Antares Group, a consulting and project development firm focused on renewable energy and efficiency technologies (acquired in March). In addition, Stark Tech now offers battery energy storage solutions and support for utility-scale and commercial applications. These new applications and in-house capabilities further differentiate Stark Tech as a one-stop shop turnkey provider.

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Jill Szpylman
Jill Szpylman

Jill Szpylman is the Marketing Communications Director for Stark Tech. With a demonstrated history in the clean energy space, Ms. Szpylman has a passion for technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more sustainable future. Jill is responsible for the execution of the marketing strategy, content development, and sales support collateral for all of Stark Tech and the affiliated business units.



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